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Opportunities for Anaesthetic Consultants and Specialty Doctors 

Various locations throughout Scotland

NHS Scotland currently employs a workforce of over 163,000 staff across Acute, Primary Care, Community, and Health and Social Care Partnerships with many of their staff working across our 274 hospitals, which include large teaching centres, district general hospitals and smaller community based hospitals.

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Joining ACE Special Interest Groups 

How to participate

There has been a change to the membership criteria for joining a Special Interest Group (SIG). This change was approved by the ACE Executive in May and discussed at the ACE meeting held at the 2018 ANZCA ASM.

The change opens membership of SIGs to specialists from all medical disciplines and is to be representative of the collegiate and collaborative nature of medicine and the multidisciplinary work of many SIGS. Importantly all members of the SIG (inclusive of SIG executive) will now have voting rights.

Associate membership has also subtly changed and is open to non-medical specialists who are not eligible for general SIG membership. This may include associate members of the ASA and NZSA and/ or allied health professionals. Associate membership requires endorsement from the SIG executive committee.

If you are interested in establishing or joining a SIG please contact the special interest group coordinators or download and return an application form.

Please visit the SIG meetings page for details of upcoming meetings.

For further information visit the Anaesthesia Continuing Education (ACE) Committee.

Email ANZCA Events team

Phone: +61 3 9510 6299

Our new branding

You will have noticed that this website has a new logo – ACE, which stands for Anaesthesia Continuing Education. This will start appearing on special interest group (SIG) and other continuing medical education (CME) meeting collateral as part of a push to enhance the activities of the Anaesthesia Continuing Education (ACE) Committee.

ACE Committee will continue as the governing committee that promotes and coordinates combined CME activities in anaesthesia and related disciplines on behalf of ANZCA, the ASA and the NZSA.

The new logo has a contemporary look and feel and the “circle” element was created to represent the three bodies within one group with the use of white sectional lines of different thicknesses demonstrating the overlapping relationships of the organisations while maintaining equality for each.

Anaesthesia Continuing Education (ACE) Quarterly Enews

Anaesthesia Continuing Education (ACE) Quarterly enews is distributed quarterly to the anaesthetists of Australia and New Zealand. The ACE enews provides a calendar of anaesthesia related events and continuing medical education (CME) activities in anaesthesia and related disciplines in Australia, New Zealand and internationally. If you would like to promote your events, please submit your details here or contact ACE website administrator.


Welcome to the Anaesthesia Continuing Education (ACE) website!


Anaesthesia Continuing Education (ACE) Committee is a tripartite body governed by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, the Australian Society of Anaesthetists and the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists.

ACE Committee was established to promote and coordinate joint continuing medical education (CME) activities in anaesthesia and related disciplines in Australia and New Zealand.

ACE Committee is a great resource if you're looking for events to attend or need help organising and promoting an event of your own. It's also home to 17 Special Interest Groups, so if you have a special interest in any area of anaesthesia, you'll find a group representing it here!


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